Learn Kana Easily

I was asked this question a lot on my old blog, so I thought I should let you all finally know what I think can help you learn your Kana quicker than usual. I’m going to list a few Iphone/Android apps that have helped me learn Kana, and then mention a few techniques I used to supplement what the app was teaching me.

So here we go!

Learning Kana Materials:
1.) Dr. Moku
This video gives you a gist of what the app is like.

Highly recommend this program.
You can also purchase it for your computer.
Sorry, but it is not free.
(One time pay)
Now for you guys who want something FREE.
2.) Tengugo Kana
For Iphone: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/tengugo-kana-hiragana-katakana/id487344705?mt=8
For Android: http://www.tengugo.com/apps/android
Tengugo Kana does not have the fancy teaching method that Dr. Moku has, but it can be as efficient
if you take the time to really concentrate on the characters. It seperates the characters into groups such as: Vowels; AH, I, U, EH, OH (The pronunciation is provided in the app)
Ka, Ki, Ku, Keh, Koh, and etc.
Now, some of the things that I did to learn Kana within a two-weeks time were things like:
Extending the story of a certain Kana character that I learned through Dr. Moku
Practice writing each character in just 5 minutes (Did this randomly throughout the day)
Singing an improvised Kana song, and then singing along to the real one.
(I will post a link to a video of the Kana song after the TIPS TIME section)
Reading children’s books in Japanese[Kana]
(These are also good for picking up basic grammar. I will provide you with some links.)
Reading the Kana aloud, and then silently in my brain. You want to able to THINK Kana also.
Now I can provide you with some wonderful material that is completely free, and I hope you’re just freaking excited right now! GET READY TO READ KANA \(^~^)/

Japanese Children’s books:


I really hope this helps you gain success in mastering your Kana!

If you have any other questions, do not hesitate to ask them in the comments of this post.

In other news, I filmed a video for you all, and I plan on making it “a thing” to upload videos about Japanese so that we can learn at the same time. We can be ‘study buddies’! It may sound corny, BUT I believe it can help us get to where we want to be in speaking/understanding Japanese.
If you would like to see these videos, please subscribe to this channel:

よろしくお願いします。(Yoroshiku onegai shimasu.)

Have fun, and また ね。(mata ne.) On my Youtube channel hopefully. \(^~^)/


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