Vegan Blood Test Results

There are many myths circulating around about the health levels of the vegan community. Vegans are people who view both human and non-human animals as beings to be treated with respect and fairness. They believe that all beings are entitled to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. I wanted to clarify that before we talk about what vegans eat. When it comes to what diet vegans have, they have a complete plant-based diet.

A person can have a plant-based diet, but not necessarily have the same ethical outlook on animal welfare, so it is not applicable to call their diet a “vegan diet.” They simply eat 100% plant-based; they live a vegan lifestyle and have vegan moral/ethics.

Now, as many of you may know by now that I am a vegan. This little blood update is solely for educational purposes, and to enlighten people of the nutritional effects one can get on a complete plant-based lifestyle. This is to blur the stigma that society has about cutting animal byproducts out of their diet. This isn’t about ethics, or morals; this is simply about the factual evidence I am willing to release on a public domain in order to provide legitimate research for society to review.

*I became vegetarian in late August 2010, then became a vegan in October 2010 at age 17. These blood tests were taken March 2015.

The way that you read the test is as follows:

Units show what my nutrition level is.
Ref Rng (Reference Range) shows the “safe zone,” or otherwise healthy range for a particular nutrient/vitamin.

So, with those side notes being noted, here are my blood test results:
Nutrient Panel

What you’re seeing at the very top of this test is an allergy test. I have a moderate allergy to shellfish. I got it done to prevent any medical facility from injecting me with vaccines and/or medicines containing shellfish/fish.

Calcium: There is a myth that humans need cow’s milk to get calcium. Calcium is a trace mineral of the earth, and can be found in foods such as collard greens, kale, figs, rhubarb, dates and more. Check out the list of vegetables and fruits to include their calcium content here:

Glucose: Glucose is one of the primary molecules which serve as energy sources for plants and animals. Since it is a pure form of sugar, you can find this naturally occurring in foods such as fruits, grains and vegetables. Feel free to do your own research, but I am going to provide a non-biased article here:

Potassium: As many of you already know that bananas are the all-star of the fruits known for potassium, but they aren’t the highest source. There are many other fruits high in potassium. I would like to also add that, yes, you can get potassium from eating meat, but that isn’t what this article is about. To be fair, and to provide impartial information, I will provide both a list of fruits containing potassium, and a list of meats that contain potassium:

Protein: While the most common substance to get protein from comes in a shake form, or from meat products, you can actually get ALL the protein you need for your body type (and then some) from vegetables, fruits, nuts, legumes, beans, etc. Considering that it’s commonly known that meats are high in protein, I will not be providing nutrition links for meats. I will, however, provide a link to many plant-based sources in which anyone can obtain their suggested intake:

Sodium: The mineral is most commonly obtained from salts used for seasoning food. While plants and fruits are very low in sodium, our bodies intake sodium easily. There are many foods that have naturally-occurring sodium, so there needn’t be a worry of not meeting the proper requirement for this. Iodine is a naturally occurring nutrient in salt, but not in sufficient amounts.

Table salts are usually fortified with Iodine, so if this is something you are worried about, then eat foods with naturally-occuring iodine, or get fortified foods/condiments. Iodine added to salt is at best about 10% bio-available — which means that if you consume 100 micrograms, your body will only be able to use 10 micrograms. Iodine that occurs naturally in food is almost 100% bio-available. (I love sea vegetables.)

Vitamin B12: This is a vitamin also known as cobalamins. This isn’t as tricky as people make it out to be. Bacteria are the only things that produce B12. I will share two articles that will provide vegans with great information, yet another link to show the non-vegan sources of obtaining B12. The reason being that silken tofu is in the top 5 sources. (I love tofu.)

Vitamin D: This vitamin is rarely found in natural food sources, and is mainly absorbed from the sun. There are many foods and beverages fortified with vitamin D, but it is naturally obtained while allowing the sun rays to hit your skin. You can still obtain vitamin D if you have sunblock/sunscreen on.

*The reason my vitamin D level is low is because I have been living in Alaska for the past three years, and in the late fall and winter seasons, there is very little sunlight. Some days consist of 3 hours of sunlight. Lack of vitamin D is common in residents of Alaska for this reason. The Nutritionist just advised that I take supplements, but I am just going to make it a priority to get some sun.

Iron: The most efficient way to get this nutrient is from meat, but in a plant-based diet, you can easily get your iron fill. Some of the foods are so common that some of you would be shocked to find out. Things like Spirulina and Blackstrap molasses aren’t so common, are they? With that being mentioned; apricots, soybeans, tofu and pumpkin seeds are. There are more where that came from.

Lipid Panel

As you can see, both my good and bad cholesterol is in a perfect range.

LDL cholesterol is the “bad” cholesterol, and HDL cholesterol is the “good” cholesterol.

I’ve cropped out the facility’s address, my social security number, military information, and Physician’s name because they are all classified info under military law.

Yes, we get enough protein.

Yes, we get enough protein.

I really hope this enlightened you that vegans can, in fact, live off of a plant-based diet. You can’t say I didn’t provide proof of my health. I should disclose that I do exercise regularly every week; some weeks I exercise every day including weekends.

This can range from cardio to weight lifting. The concept of health is using your body’s strength without destroying it, and fueling it with the proper nutrients. As long as you get the nutrients you need, and stay away from the bad poisons like LDL cholesterol, copious amounts of sugar and caffeine, and some other trademark ingredients, then you’ll be at optimum health. I am in no way stating that I am the healthiest example of a vegan, or of any person on this planet, but I believe I am the healthiest I have been, and amongst the healthier population of the earth.

This entry was to strip away the moral and ethical views behind veganism, and simply look at the scientific facts of nutrition. Vegans eat a 100% plant-based diet. The term “vegan” should not be confused with “vegetarian,” or someone who simply eats a plant-based diet. This article provided non-biased information, but was focused on displaying a testimony of a plant-based diet.

Vegans have different ethics and morals than someone who views animals as food, entertainment, labor workers, and products. Vegans view fellow beings as others that are due their respect, life, liberty and pursuit of happiness.


My ‘DBZ: Battle of Gods’ Review

Is Dragon Ball Z theater-worthy?

Well, with the honest storyline, it’s clear that this story hit it out of the park!

Not only is it action-packed with nostalgic fight scenes, but it’s also sprinkled with humor throughout the entire movie. When I say that I “laughed out loud,” it would be an understatement. I might’ve made my buddies’ ears bleed out from how hard I was laughing. Don’t worry, though. The movie isn’t too comedic to the point it can’t be taken seriously. It maintains its intensity and follows a genuine plot. The big purple cat, Beerus, has a typical feline attitude; rude, impatient and self-centered. At least, that’s the feeling I got, but you’ll have to watch the film to see what I mean.

Courtesy of

Courtesy of

Now, if you couldn’t tell, I am a little biased when it comes to DBZ because I have been a fan since I was about 5 years old (maybe younger, but I think five is a legit number to throw at you.) A couple of friends and I watched this on the big screen at Regal Goldstream Stadium 16, and it was so awesome when one of my buddies wore an orange DBZ tee-shirt. I didn’t feel so left out when I went there wearing a DBZ hoodie. WINNERS!


You probably have this exact hoodie. :3


What Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods has proven to me is that many anime films can be  great movie selections in theaters around the world. Even though the showings in cinemas are for a short amount of time (Aug 5th, 6th, 7th and 9th), many people showed up to watch it on the big screen. It was awesome to see other DBZ fans there, too. You knew they were fans for the simple fact that DBZ wasn’t overly advertised to the masses, and even if it was, only the ones who found the trailer interesting would show up. It’s a very specific genre on its own, I think. It’s not like horror film fans  would randomly show up, would they? Master Rochi is pretty scary if you ask me.

Can anime movies make it back into theaters worldwide, or is this a random occurrence with DBZ? I’m dying to find out!


Being the Cutest Vegan

So, what makes a vegan the CUTEST vegan? 

Well, we can leave that opinion to the beholder! Some of you may already know that Peta2, the youth branch for P.E.T.A, holds a “Cutest Vegan Alive” contest once a year. If you are a vegan, and would like a chance to win, you should definitely give it a shot. Before I link you to the site, I want you to know that it’s completely possible, and there is a bit of online criticism that comes with the territory just like anything else on the internet. 

In the summer of 2013, I actually won the “Cutest Vegan Alive” contest for Males. The winner in each category (Male & Female) we’re to be given a free professional photo shoot and a free ad. 


There have been many different articles about my victory written by Houston Chronicle, Houston Press, PETA, Newsminer (Fairbanks, AK),  and Peta2. These are just some of the positive things you can get from your win. 

Since I’m in the military, I obviously had some negative feedback about being a “hypocrite.”


There are a few people out there that are never willing to have an open mind, and are so quick to jump to conclusions while blinded by misinterpreted information. Even though there were a few negative sallies causing a shit storm, I had the inspiration to keep the vegan message going. For every bad comment, there were double the amount of positive replies.




These are just a few of the positive comments I got when I told my minor issue I have with being vegan in the military. If you would like to read about my experience, here’s a link:Being Vegan in the Military.

 I can’t stress enough how grateful I am to have the ability to take part in a wonderful movement such as veganism simply by avoiding products and foods made from animals. PETA has given me the chance to grow my voice as an activist, so you should go ahead and give it a shot! The winners for “Cutest Vegans Alive 2014” have been chosen already, but you should keep an eye out for when the contest opens up for 2015 contestants. Here’s a link to the contest that updates when a new contest arrives: Cutest Vegan Alive Contest Details

I just want to give a huge thanks to Rachelle Owen and Annie Leal who worked through Peta2 to make this possible for me. I know my impact was small, but any progress makes that much more of a difference. I couldn’t have had these opportunities without Peta2 and the people who voted for me. I believe that many more vegans have different ways they can help, so please take this chance to try something new. 

I’ve Caught the Cosplay Flu!

Ash Ketchum Cosplay (Pokémon) ポケモン is my cosplay for the month of July 2014.
(Featured Photo)

 I don’t know what it is about my new fascination with cosplay. I’ve become so interested in it that I’ve scheduled the entire rest of my year to replicating characters from some of my favorite animes. I’ve dabbled in cosplay a few times before, but not with the passion I have for it now. I see it in a new light now!

I recently set out to begin my own social media challenge by asking some of my friends and family via Facebook to dress up as an anime character (or any cartoon character) once a month. I forgot to mention in my post that it was only a six-month challenge, though.


A few days later, I gathered some materials to create my next cosplay. To me, cosplay is not about replicating the original character exactly, but combining your own interpretation of what that character would wear, or look like in real life. It gives you the freedom to display your originality!


If you’d like to join me on this six-month cosplay quest, leave a comment. If you already have some photos and/or video of cosplay inspiration, share them.

Military Vegan

After I graduated Basic Training and Infantry OSUT in 2012, I was assigned my first duty station. There were many things I had to overcome while adjusting to my new duty station, Fort Wainwright, Alaska. One of the main concerns was “lack of protein”. We vegans tend to get this “lack of protein” as an insult from others in the civilian world, but in the U.S. Army, it’s almost seen as a matter of fact. I decided it was time to prove my duty station and the others around me that vegans are highly capable of accomplishing any Army standard, and in some cases, perform better than others. As I’ve trained my body; my ability to push myself, my stamina, my strength and energy have all increased sufficiently. One thing I made sure to do while accomplishing all of this was to not brag or boast about any of my achievements. I always strive to maintain humility because I try to live by a saying that goes “Don’t do to others what you don’t want done to you.” With that being stated, this is one of the main reasons why I’m vegan. That saying solves any confusion. I have proved myself to my peers and leadership, but can I prove to the U.S. Army that vegans are capable and that our lifestyle should be recognized by the military? To this day, I continue to have a few soldiers ask me where I get my protein from. I wouldn’t recommend answering sarcastically. I’ve had the feeling of wanting to reply in a rude way, but I just go with the assumption that they are actually curious as opposed to thinking they are ready to go in with the insults and doubt. I’d say about 85% of the time, people completely ignore what your answer is and continue to persuade the thought that you do not get enough nutrients and protein. I overcame that thought when I started feeling better and when my body began to get into shape. I see great results, and I’m the one walking in my shoes, not them. Anyone who has doubt is solely basing their ideas on an oblivious view of vegetable-based diets.

Learn Japanese Through Cooking (゜▼゜*)

I didn’t want to bug you guys with constant recipe videos, but I decided that it would be a great way to learn Japanese for any of my viewers who still feel that they are in their early-learning stage. Basically, I just say a few of the ingredients in Japanese which should help with picture-word memory as opposed to word-word memory. Also, you might actually like what is cooked in this video, and I hope you try it out for yourself. Happy and safe cooking! Enjoy. 。^‿^。


3 shallots
2 cloves of garlic (minced)
1/2 onion (any color of your choice)
1 red bell pepper (aka capsicum)
1/2 cup of chopped cilantro
Sliced scallions
baby spinach
2 vegan-friendly spring rolls ( I used the “Lucky” brand)
Beef substitute (I used Gardien’s Beefless Tips)
4 brussel sprouts chopped in half
Japanese Rice (Any Asian or short-grain white rice will work)


Soy sauce
Sea salt
Cayenne pepper
Sesame oil
Red pepper flakes

Learn Kana Easily

I was asked this question a lot on my old blog, so I thought I should let you all finally know what I think can help you learn your Kana quicker than usual. I’m going to list a few Iphone/Android apps that have helped me learn Kana, and then mention a few techniques I used to supplement what the app was teaching me.

So here we go!

Learning Kana Materials:
1.) Dr. Moku
This video gives you a gist of what the app is like.

Highly recommend this program.
You can also purchase it for your computer.
Sorry, but it is not free.
(One time pay)
Now for you guys who want something FREE.
2.) Tengugo Kana
For Iphone:
For Android:
Tengugo Kana does not have the fancy teaching method that Dr. Moku has, but it can be as efficient
if you take the time to really concentrate on the characters. It seperates the characters into groups such as: Vowels; AH, I, U, EH, OH (The pronunciation is provided in the app)
Ka, Ki, Ku, Keh, Koh, and etc.
Now, some of the things that I did to learn Kana within a two-weeks time were things like:
Extending the story of a certain Kana character that I learned through Dr. Moku
Practice writing each character in just 5 minutes (Did this randomly throughout the day)
Singing an improvised Kana song, and then singing along to the real one.
(I will post a link to a video of the Kana song after the TIPS TIME section)
Reading children’s books in Japanese[Kana]
(These are also good for picking up basic grammar. I will provide you with some links.)
Reading the Kana aloud, and then silently in my brain. You want to able to THINK Kana also.
Now I can provide you with some wonderful material that is completely free, and I hope you’re just freaking excited right now! GET READY TO READ KANA \(^~^)/

Japanese Children’s books:
I really hope this helps you gain success in mastering your Kana!

If you have any other questions, do not hesitate to ask them in the comments of this post.

In other news, I filmed a video for you all, and I plan on making it “a thing” to upload videos about Japanese so that we can learn at the same time. We can be ‘study buddies’! It may sound corny, BUT I believe it can help us get to where we want to be in speaking/understanding Japanese.
If you would like to see these videos, please subscribe to this channel:

よろしくお願いします。(Yoroshiku onegai shimasu.)

Have fun, and また ね。(mata ne.) On my Youtube channel hopefully. \(^~^)/

Learn Japanese (For Fresh Beginners)

I hope you all enjoyed the ranting and exceedingly long video. I am definitely going to make more in the upcoming days, so definitely stay tuned. Just to clear things up; No, this channel is not solely about “teaching” Japanese. There will be other content, too. (o^~^o)/ Thanks for watching!

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